I'm sick of my own romanticism

24. and in progress.


I must remember
the Goliaths in front of me
are faced with the slain Goliaths
behind me.

Everything I fear in front of me
everything I worry about in front of me
are faced with what is inside of me.


—    "Goliaths’ Anathema" by Joseph Cook (via jnc-ink)

(via jnc-ink)


3d Marker Drawn Murals and Impressive Installations

Marker Installations by Heike Weber

Raumarbeite: utopia 2007, paintmarker on polystyrol, videoloop 465 x 465 x 270 cm, Transfer Türkiye-NRW, Museum Bochum

Germany-based artist Heike Weber needs only two tools in her work: permanent markers and endless patience. The artist decorates large spaces by tracing thousands of loopy lines on the walls, floor, and sometimes even the ceiling. Some of her installations measure around 5000 ft!

Heike starts her work by drawing the pattern on a sheet of paper, and then transfers it onto the surface. By carefully adjusting the white spaces, she gives a feeling as if the room is swirling. Aren’t you getting dizzy just looking at them?

photo: Carl-Victor Dahmen

(via asylum-art)